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For the product: Nutrimill Grain Mill w/FREE Shipping

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"Still grinding!"

Teri Muncy on 11/7/2016 7:18:55 PM

Remarks: I'm surprised my grain mill has lasted this long. I run her every day for not only my needs but for others in my neighborhood too! She hums right along never skipping a beat! I like this design over the wondermill. Highly recommend!!!!


"Nutrimill since 2006"

Toni on 10/23/2014 1:09:54 PM

Remarks: I bought my Nutrimill from Breadbeckers in 2006 for $249, more than today's price! Twice I've had warranty issues and L'Equip has been just awesome to work with, replacing parts and returning my mill quickly. I will probably buy another one as a backup, since the price is so good thru Breadbeckers. I grind everything with this, all sorts of grains and beans, both sprouted and unsprouted (dehydrated), dent corn and popcorn. This thing is awesome!



Clyde Byrne on 2/11/2014 1:06:02 PM

Remarks: I've had the mill for about four years now and it has been 100% dependable. With each passing year with excellent results and no problems, I can say it was worth the price.


"Love it!"

Julie on 7/4/2013 12:00:27 PM

Remarks: I've had my Nutrimill for over a year, and it's great. It DOES grind regular corn for cornmeal, which gives a much softer meal than popcorn. I once did a large batch of popcorn meal, which overheated and popped in the process, so I won't repeat that lest I damage the mill. It's still going strong, and I use it for every thing from amaranth to garbanzo beans. It's so easy to use, and never gives me any trouble! I set mine up in the pantry, so I can walk away from the noise a bit.



Mill Queen on 2/10/2012 10:13:27 AM

Remarks: We've had our Nutrimill for five years, and it has not given us a bit of trouble. It grinds to the texture we choose and even does popcorn to give us cornmeal. Regular corn may be too large to feed through the mill so would not try regular corn.


"Best in Class"

Sassy Homeschool on 10/8/2011 11:13:32 AM

Remarks: Best in class :o)


"Nutrimill is great"

Meredith Greco on 2/7/2011 1:33:33 PM

Remarks: Although I don't have anything to compare it to, I've had it for years and it works great. (Just a little noisy.)


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"Lots of helpful information here ... answers so many questions I have had! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond."

D.H., VA
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