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"I am sooooooo impressed with your company! I feel like you sent me a new life when I opened my box. I can't wait to purchase more from you in the future! My bread items have been amazing this week! We have ate something I made for every meal and snack since Monday night and I have to tell you the hype is right! I feel so much better and my family doesn't mind eating the healthy stuff now! It tastes so much better fresh ground! I had no clue until I found you by accident one day on the computer. I'm so thankful you were brought into our lives! My son is 15 months old and the sense of pride I have when I feed him now is like nothing I have felt except for nursing him! I feel like I'm giving him the gift of a healthier life since he will learn from such an early age that healthy foods can also be good foods! I really want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

C.S., OH
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1-2-3 Smoothies - Rita Bingham

1-2-3 Smoothies - Rita Bingham

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1-2-3 Smoothies - Rita Bingham

Learn to make your own "milk" from grains, seeds, or nuts.  It's a delicious way to use stored foods!

These energy-boosting drinks and chock full of 100% natural, wholesome ingredients.  You'll even find recipes for alternative "milks" from whole grains, seeds and nuts!  Perfect for using stored foods in an emergency, or for those with milk allergies.
  • The perfect breakfast
  • The perfect afternoon snack
  • The perfect meal-on-the-fun
  • The perfect way to sneak vitamins and
  • other important nutrients into a finicky eater!
This book provides easy recipes for fruit smoothies, veggie smoothies, and even Rx smoothies to help get over common colds and other ailments FAST.  In addition, you'll find valuable information on nutrition and health for the whole family.