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What is a co-op? – It’s a group of people that pool their individual orders together, to take advantage of lower shipping rates, and discounts on certain food items.How does a co-op work? – Members (or people desiring to join) contact the co-op coordinator for their area (click here for Co-op Locations).  The coordinator makes sure everyone knows when to get their individual orders in (using our online co-op ordering system), so that the co-op’s group order will get to The Bread Beckers in time to be delivered by the scheduled date (click here for Co-op Schedule).  The Bread Beckers will deliver (or ship) the order; the coordinator receives the total order at a specified drop location.  Once the order is delivered and accepted, the co-op members can get their individual orders.

What’s the advantage of being in a co-op?  – Reduced shipping rates, and reduced pricing!  For instance:

A) Order placed by an Individual, to be picked up or shipped directly from Bread Beckers

Retail Amount of                            Discount Applied to
“Qualified” Food Purchased           “Qualified” Food Purchased

n/a                                         n/a

B) Order placed by an Individual through one of our co-op coordinators

Retail Amount of                                 Discount Applied to
“Qualified” Food Purchased           “Qualified” Food Purchased*

$299.99 or less                               0%
$300 or more                                 7%

NOTE: Honey, clearance/sale items, and a few other food items are not discounted. Also, machines, books, bakeware, cookware etc. are not discounted. The discount applies to food items only, mainly the Bulk items like grains, beans, and things in 50 lb bags.  Your order can be verified when places with your coordinator.

How do I find a co-op near me? – Go to our  Co-op Locations page (NOTE: there will not be any co-ops close to our store location), then click on one of the locations to automatically open your e-mail program with the “subject” already filled in with the co-op name.  Make sure YOUR return e-mail address is correct, and send the blank e-mail to us and you will receive a reply with the coordinator’s contact information.  OR  give us a call at the phone number at the very top of this page, or click here to send us an email

How do I know what my order will cost? – We now take orders in our co-op ordering system.  It will calculate your total invoice, and show you the shippng and any discounts available.  Once you contact a coordinator, they will send you the link to register and log in to our system.

What does shipping cost?  Shipping is calculated based on the shipping weights of the products, and the total co-op order must meet the minimum order requirements.  Most co-ops qualify for shipment on our own truck, which yields the cheapest shipping rate.

Co-op orders that do go on our truck will be charged a minimum of $45 as long as the co-op drop is already on our route, and it is not cheaper to send using another method.  The “general” minimum order for the total co-op is $1000 of qualified foods (which was originally calculated to be about 1500 lbs of wheat in buckets).  There are no minimum order for individuals (but there are discounts per the “advantages” discussed above)

Shipping is pro-rated to each individual’s order based weight.  If the total co-op order weighs 1,000 pounds and is being charge 13 cents/lb, and your order weighs 48 pounds, then your shipping will be 48 x $0.13 = $6.24  This is based on the “shipping weight” of products, not the “net weight”.  For instance, a bucket of wheat has 45 pounds of grain in it, but the shipping weight is 48 pounds (because the bucket and lid weigh 3 pounds)

Shipping rates on our truck currently range from 15 cents/lb in GA to 19 cents/lb in VA. Rates are always subject to change based on fuel prices.  Compare that to shipping rates via US Mail or UPS of 50-95 cents/lb on small orders!

Co-ops not on our route can have their order shipped on a commercial truck line (referred to as “LTL” or “Less than Truckload”).  Rates are base on weight and distance, and are quoted to the coordinator for approval before shipment is made.  Small orders (less than 500 lbs) are typically shipped UPS.