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At The Bread Beckers, we believe one simple thing can change your life: real food.

Our mission is to show you how easy real food is to make and how delicious it is to eat.  Bread is only the beginning of what we do.  Sure, we offer top-of-the-line kitchen equipment and a complete line of grains, beans, sweeteners and other natural foods and we have more than 100 co-op locations throughout the country.  But whether through our live and online cooking classes, our books, CDs or our online archive of videos and recipes, nutritional education is our true goal.

Here’s why.  What passes for food today bears little resemblance to the living organisms God created.  The only way to know what you’re eating is to make it yourself.  We’ll teach you how to do it in just a few minutes a day and help you take the first steps to a healthier life.  Fatigue, sinus problems, constipation, high cholesterol and even warts are just some of the conditions our customers and our own families have overcome by rejecting processed foods and fueling our bodies with the whole, delicious fuel they were designed to use.

We invite you to request a free CD on the nutritional science behind our mission and to explore the streaming video from our studio kitchen where we show you recipes and techniques you can use.  Trust us: we could make a lot more money just selling bread.  But whether you’re a customer or not, we want you to live the life you were intended to live.  That’s why our calling is to share the message of healthy eating simplified.