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Here are a few personal stories that have been sent to us. If you have a personal testimony that you would like to share, please use the form on our Contact Page.

Someone sent me a link to your free CD and I ordered it. Our life hasn’t been the same since. Over the last 2 years, we’ve eliminated all different things from our diet. We’ve changed a LOT. And yet we were not getting the results we wanted. In less than a month of doing all of our own cooking of anything that has flour in it, the changes have been astounding! My nearly 8 yr old daughter who used to not sleep well and has always been over emotional and had a hard time with memory retention is now alert, enjoyable, and resting well each night. My 5 year old son has overhauled his school work; he can now write numbers and letters we just thought he was not coordinated enough to write. As their homeschool teacher, I wondered if I was the only one noticing a difference. Last night, their children’s pastor asked what had changed because they are so delightful now. Our baby (nearly 1, breastfeeds … and now snacks on whole grain pitas) is sleeping well and hasn’t had a diaper rash. We are eating less, but feeling full. Thank you so much for your classes I can watch online!

L.T. –  AL


I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for how much whole wheat has helped our family. About nine years ago a friend made a meal for our family after the birth of our daughter. Part of that meal was a loaf of whole wheat bread. She had been making bread for many years. We just thought it tasted great, but wasn’t really concerned at the time about how healthy it was. Through that week though, I noticed a remarkable difference in the way I was feeling. I had been diagnosed with irritable bowl syndrome and spastic colon which I realized I had actually had all my life. But in just one week of eating a loaf of bread, my symptoms had almost disappeared.  Needless to say, a whisper Mill was at the top of my Christmas list that year. Also, I used to have a major sweet tooth and craved sweets all the time. Since whole wheat is primarily what we bake with now, I do not have those cravings any more.

My 8 year old daughter began getting warts on her hands and even one on her face. After several trips to the dermatologist using acid and other painful methods of trying to get rid of the warts we just gave up. We were tired of putting her through all of that for nothing. During this time, I had not been consistently using whole wheat. In fact, I had taken about a 9 month break. Big mistake!! When I began making bread again and that was our primary source of grain, in about 2 or 3 months her warts were all gone.

P.I. –  Dallas, Ga


I have a co-op question, but first I want to share something great that happened to my daughter.

I spoke with you at the Richmond Homeschool convention. My daughter had hundreds of warts. They were on her face, legs, arms and hands. She counted 200 just on one leg.

We had been to the dermatologist for 4 years. They tried everything on the warts, several creams, the warts were frozen off 3 or 4 times, and a drug used for ulcers. Nothing worked!

I wasn’t even going to go into your workshop at the convention, but that’s whole different “God Story”. I did go to the workshop. I bought everything I needed and started making my own bread. My daughter loves white bread, so she reluctantly ate the milled bread. After 2 1/2 weeks every single wart was gone. (Aprox. 400-500)

Thanks so much,


I suffered with ecxema/dishihydrosis (sp?) for 6 years. I researched as much as I could about it and the one similarity that I could find was a lack of fatty acids. Well to make a long story short, I bought my grain mill 1 yr and 4 months ago. I noticed a HUGE difference in my hands just a month after using it to grind my wheat and hear it is, over a year later and my hands are so much better. I will confess, they would probably be completely well if I would use a natural cleaner to clean my house (or atleast wear gloves.) But I can tie my kids shoes now and I’m not in constant pain. I praise God for His healing (through his perfect food!!).



Two years ago I began baking bread with fresh ground wheat. After a few months my husband and I both noticed I had not had a headache in a long time. I was used to getting at least one bad headache a week. I was not suffering from any ill health, so it was exciting to see concrete evidence that the changes we made were making a difference. Since then, we have made many more changes and are eating as clean and organically as we can. My eyes are less light sensitive and for the first time since teenage acne, I am content to wear no makeup! The past two winters our daughters have had colds, but nothing requiring the pediatrician or a prescription. Strep throat has gone around several times in their classes and they have escaped with only a cold! Thank you for your free beginners class and for helping me become a believer in organic living!

J.F. – Alpharetta, GA


It all started after my son was born. For the first year and a half of his life, he suffered from constant constipation. No matter how much fruit, water or juice I gave to him, nothing worked. Finally, after eating all that, when he did go, let’s just say, it was extremely painful, and it wasn’t pretty. I was in constant consult with the doctors, and they kept telling me that it was normal and that he obviously only needed to go once a week or so. I became so amazed that the doctor’s actually believed that! It didn’t get better, and my son seemed to be sick quite a bit. Not as much as some other children, but more than I wanted to deal with. He constantly had a runny nose and would frequently develop a cough from it which would then turn in to bronchitis. I had a nurse say that he was obviously “allergic” to our cat and dog. I had a great feeling that that wasn’t true. It just didn’t make any sense to me. I knew there had to be something more, but I didn’t know where to turn.

I was suffering from allergies and eczema. I was taking whatever allergy medication I could get my hands on, and I still seemed to suffer. I couldn’t breathe at night, so I depended on nose spray to keep me sleeping. I also suffer with asthma. I was always fatigued, and I couldn’t seem to make it through lunch without feeling like I needed a nap to get me through the day. I was confused and frustrated with diets and remedies that seemed unnatural and faddish. I tried to eat enough fruits and vegetables to help, but it didn’t seem to be enough.

I came across this tape that had been lying on my secretary’s desk for about six months. I didn’t know how it got there. When I was cleaning, I would just pick it up, dust under it and lay it back down. I finally picked it up, and I decided to listen to it to find out what it was about. The information that I heard on this tape was exactly the answer that I had been praying for. It had been there all along, and I never knew it. Come to find out, my brother had given it to me, because he and his family had started milling, and they wanted to share it with us.

I was so excited to share the information with my husband. I was convinced just by listening to the information, but for my husband, it sometimes takes a little further investigation. I prayed that God would guide him just has He had guided me, and that if this was really the answer that I had been searching for that He would convince my husband with only the information given on this tape. We sat to listen together, and as soon as the tape was over, he looked at me and said, “Let’s do it!” Needless to say, I was amazed! I immediately went and bought what I needed to get started. After the first week, I started noticing a delightful difference in our body’s health. My son was finally regular, and his runny nose was GONE! Imagine that! His body was finally able to “eliminate” toxins that were building up in his body. I had ENERGY, ENERGY, and ENERGY! I didn’t need the afternoon naps that I required before. My allergies had already started disappearing, and I did not need the medication that I needed before. I had learned that eczema was not a curable illness, and I would always be on medicated creams for that; however, my eczema was already gone, and I have not even had one symptom of it returning! As far as my asthma goes, I still have it, but it has become milder. Wheat is on the long list of things that asthmatics should stay away from; however I find it amusing that it is the very thing that has made mine better, as long as it is freshly ground. My “cycle” came, and my husband couldn’t even tell. I didn’t even have the pain and swelling that I normally have had during that time. It was over before I knew it, and I was happy!

My son attends the Nursery on Sundays and Wednesdays at our church during services. He is exposed to a number of illnesses that he used to bring home with him, but now, I don’t even fret about him getting sick. His immune system is working properly, and his body is able to fight off whatever comes his way. Sometimes he gets a runny nose, and that’s normal. That’s how our body gets rid of bad stuff, but it only lasts a day, and it’s gone with no other symptoms.

My husband and I have started a saying around our house. Anytime something happens we say, “Ah…it just needs some wheat, and then it’ll get better,” no matter who or what it is.

B.T. – Acworth, GA


Yes- we had warts disappear too! 8 year old son had well over 10 small and med size warts on his hands, He had counted them because he plays violin. We re-started grinding all our grain and they vanished in 2 weeks!! Our 3 year old was getting warts on his hand . They have stopped spreading but haven’t vanished yet. I suspect he may not eat the volume of bread the older brother does. Thanks for your ministry. My parents and older sister now grind some after listening to the cassette ( they’d never ground any before) and their bowel problems are gone. My older daughter loved the video and made up “The Constipation Emanicipation Proclamation.” Thank You for you Ministry!

J.S. – Harrisonburg, VA


I grew up in a family where my mom was a nurse and my dad was a scientist. My father had grown up on a farm, so he appreciated fresh vegetables and always had a little garden in our backyard. His hobby was organic gardening. My mom was a very busy person. She was a good cook, but convenience became an issue at our house when my mom worked as a nurse. I can remember going to McDonald’s to get happy meals before the sign on McDonald’s ever said, “More than 1 million served.” We ate a lot of frozen chicken pot pies, Spam, Vienna sausages, and Captain Crunch. The staple bread in the home was Sunbeam white bread and my mom put a Little Debbie in my lunch bag frequently for school.

As a child, I had lots of sinus drainage. My mother gave my brothers and me Dimetap, the purple medicine, quite often. I also got a regular dose of Milk of Magnesia because I had chronic constipation. It was not unusual for me to go five days without having a bowel movement.

By the time I was in college, my digestive system was a mess. I had a spastic colon where I could be constipated for several days, then have bouts of diarrhea. I constantly had sinus infections and strep throat. One evening, at an Indian friends house, I ate curry in which all the food prepared had been sent from India from her parents. I ended up getting dysentery and became very ill, missing exams that had to later be made-up. I finally recovered after several weeks of diarrhea, but my digestive system was pretty much headed the wrong way.

Less than ten years later, my doctor said that I was in the beginning stages of Chrone’s disease. It was at that point that I really sought the Lord about what I should do. I had no knowledge. There was no internet then. I began reading and I stopped eating white bread products. I tried to eat fiber and less junk, but I really had no other direction than that. I started taking a multi-vitamin. In the meantime, we were in the process of becoming missionaries. My husband found out through a physical that his cholesterol was high, so he began exercising and watching what he ate more carefully.

In 1996, after our first furlough being filled with visits to the doctor with our kids and with sinus surgery on me, I was exhausted physically. I had chronic bladder or kidney infections. My husband had his furlough physical, and the doctor called to give his report while we were on vacation and actually asked to speak to me. She told me that if I wanted my husband to live that I should get serious about what I feed him. She said that his cholesterol was so high that he was heading toward a heart attack. He was only in his mid-thirties at this time.

My sister-in-law told me about this lady that she heard at a conference named Sue Becker and that she lived in the Atlanta area where we furloughed. My sister-in-law also gave me a book called What the Bible Says about Healthy Living. I began reading it and it was like an answer to prayer. I called my very good friend, Bonnie Morrell, who had gotten me on vitamins and told her about the book. She said that she had just coincidentally picked up the book recently at a Christian bookstore and was currently reading it also. I called Sue Becker….. She told me all about bread and making bread at home. I bought a Whisper Mill and a bread machine and began grinding my own wheat in early 1997.

Within three months, we saw a dramatic improvement in the health of our family by just grinding my own wheat and making bread. Chronic throat infections with my children stopped, my sinuses cleared up and allergies stopped. I could breath through my nose for the first time in my life. My husband’s cholesterol improved dramatically. We all felt good. And within a few months, I had completely reversed any symptoms of early Chrone’s disease. I had a clean bill of health on my physical before returning to Zimbabwe in late 1997.

While in Zimbabwe, I continued to mill my wheat and make bread. We ate free range animal products because it is plentiful in Zimbabwe, and we had our own garden for fresh vegetables. Our children thrived and they only saw the doctor for stitches, one throat infection, and one bacterial infection.

We came for furlough in 2000 and all had our physicals. We were all in great shape. When the doctor in Richmond, VA actually examined my son, he asked me when he had his tonsils removed. I said, “He never has.” The doctor then told me that because my son was in such good health, his tonsils had atrophied, which means that they were not there. The doctor said that he had heard of this happening but that he had never seen it before. If you don’t put unhealthy things in your body, then you don’t need tonsils, the doctor said. He told me that tonsils were put there as a line of defense against toxins put into the body. My son evidently had been pretty much toxin free for over three years.

God answered all my prayers through giving me wisdom found all along in His Word about healthy living. It’s right here in His book. He loves us that much that He has given us life, abundant life, both spiritually and physically. It’s our choice. He has wonderfully made each of us, and He has made provisions for us to keep our bodies physically how He designed it to be. I am so grateful to Him for what He has done for my family.

It doesn’t mean that we are perfect and that we don’t eat junk food every once in a while. It doesn’t mean that my teenagers won’t make some unhealthy choices. It doesn’t mean that I won’t have a hot-fudge sundae once in a blue moon at the Dairy Queen when I’m stressed out. But I do on a regular basis follow what God has shown me out of obedience to Him, even as a way to honor Him, because of what He has done for me.

K.D. – Richmond, VA


Before hearing the information in your seminar, I milled wheat occasionally and used it for a few items here and there, but had no idea of its potential for the family nutritionally. After hearing your story, I figured if the benefits of milled wheat kept us even a little healthier, then great! It’s been over half a year since I’ve been milling wheat and using hard and soft wheat for all of my breaded goods, from sandwich bread and tortillas to brownies and cookies.

What I wasn’t expecting was the tremendous difference it would make in me personally-the Mom. I have had migraine headaches ever since I started having children. My father suffered for decades of his adult life with them, so I figured it was my lot to suffer, too. I thought because they started with pregnancies that they were hormone-related, maybe diet-I didn’t know and couldn’t pinpoint why or when they would show up.

My last two pregnancies were very difficult during the first trimester because of these debilitating headaches where I would actually have to ask my husband to come home from work because I was non-functioning. I am happy to report that since I started milling and using the wheat for all my bread goods I have had NO full-blown migraines, only minor headaches, and those have been when I’ve been on vacation (or lazy) and not had the wheat for more than three days. We are expecting our 5th baby in a little over a month and this has been my best pregnancy.

Of course, the milled wheat also lowers sugar cravings, which has made for a trimmer pregnancy as well as a migraine-free one. I’m delighted with the benefits of milling our own wheat!

Thanks for all you do!

H.W. – Virginia Beach, VA


I suffered from IBS and a spastic colon for YEARS! When I had my first child and began my labor, I was amazed and it was not even as bad as tome of the pain I had suffered with from my colon problems in the past. I have had to pull over off the road before and have nearly passed out from the pain. I had come upon some organic digestive enzymes that helped, but it wasn’t until I began grinding my own wheat and regularly eating the bread that I truly experienced healing in this area. I no longer take the enzymes and as long as I eat the bread throughout the week (I don’t even have to eat it everyday now) or the muffins….. I have NO problems!

If I do begin to eat too much processed food and begin having any problems, the first thing I do is make the blueberry muffins with the red wheat and that gets my system back on track in 24 hours! It is soooo wonderful to NOT take any medication or enzymes and be NORMAL!

A.D. – Newnan, GA


Hi, this issue couldn’t have come at a better time. You are looking for testimonials. I have had problems with my bowels since I was a little child. I was diagnosed with IBS about 15 years ago. It only got worse after my gallbladder was removed. I have dealt with the diarrhea and constipation for what seems like FOREVER. I also suffer from migraines. Also, I have a daughter with severe eczema. She is 3 years old and battling with the pain and itching.

I had been interested in eating healthier and a friend told me all about the whisper mill and fresh ground flour. My husband bought me a mill last year for my birthday. I started making bread and using the cookbook for cookies etc. It was a transition for us but we were OK. I had no problems with my IBS for over 6 months. I also had a great reduction in my migraines and when I did have one, it was much less severe. My 3 year olds, eczema was so much better. If she ate certain foods she would break out, but, otherwise she pretty much had clear skin.

Then we started remodeling our home. I was unable to use my kitchen for 2 weeks and got out of the habit of making bread. I have still been buying whole wheat, unbleached flour bread at the store. But, things have gone down hill. I have been having problems once again with my bowels and my headaches etc. My now 4 year old, her eczema is worse than it has ever been. I am starting back baking my bread THIS WEEK. I can’t afford not to. The Lord showed me the bread and it’s goodness and now he is reminding me to make it again.

Thanks for your updates. God sometimes has to use email to remind me to get up and do it. THANKS again.

L.M. – Franklin, NC


Thank you SO MUCH for doing what you do. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner/stay at home mom who has always eaten healthy. I have always been concerned about the way America eats and how unhealthy our diet as a nation is. I always try to serve my family homemade foods that are as whole as possible. We avoid processed food whenever possible. I had never cooked with store bought “whole wheat flour” before. I had always heard that food didn’t come out as nice. The week that I heard Sue Beckers talk for the first time, I had just bought my first bag of store bought “whole wheat flour”. I almost didn’t go to Sue’s talk at the homeschool convention because the title was “Do not eat the bread of idleness”. I thought to myself, I don’t need that, I am anything but idle! I am so glad that I read the summary of the class. I couldn’t believe what I learned that day! I always knew that white flour, white bread and white sugar were not good for you, but I honestly didn’t know there was any other option, besides using store bought “wheat flour”. I have been milling my own flour for almost 2 years now and my family LOVES the fresh food that I make. In addition to making breads, muffins and cakes, I also mill my own cornmeal which is WONDERFUL and mill pinto beans for awesome bean dip. I am looking forward to making fresh hummus soon with milled garbanzo beans. I was a gestational diabetic so I have also been enjoying the honeys that do not change your blood sugar as much- Tupelo and Sage. I feel confident that my family will avoid many illnesses in the future by eating foods made with REAL whole wheat flour. I just wish we could put an ad on national TV. I really think if more people knew this was an option, they would want to do it. I still get upset when I see the words “whole wheat” on things in the store. How can they do that when it is not REALLY whole wheat??

Our pediatric dentist told us that she read recently that oral ulcers are caused in part by a vitamin B deficiency. My son and I use to have these quite frequently. Since we’ve started eating the bread we hardly ever get them! It’s been wonderful.

Also, do not feel that you have to invest in a mixer and bread machine to get started. All I have is a Whispermill so far. I knead the bread by hand and it comes out wonderful! I even made some sourdough bread for the first time this month and it was so wonderful.

Thanks again for doing what you do!


My 2 year old had mild eczema on her elbows and behind her knees when we began grinding our own wheat, baking our own bread and muffins. After three weeks of ensuring she had a minimum of one slice of bread and 3 mini-muffins a day, the eczema was completely gone and has not returned. We did nothing else but replace the bread and morning cereal.

Thanks a million!
T.A. – Norcross, GA


This past summer my husband came from the doctor’s office with a laundry list of problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglicerides, diabetic, overweight, etc.  He was put on medication, exercise and a strict diet without sugar and refined/white products.

Your cookbook was recommended to us and we purchased it and immediately began with our bread items (a friend ground our grain for us).  Although we haven’t yet purchased our own mill or mixer, that is a goal for us this year as the Lord provides.  The next time my husband went to the doctor, his numbers dropped significantly and the doctor was amazed.  My husband brags about our breads – they truly are sustainers of life!

Thank YOU so much for your godly recipes.  Did I mention that we had to give up all enriched products, so we exclusively used your red recipe booklet – a lifesaver, literally. We have some friends who love “my” cooking (from your recipes) and are impressed how delicious healthy whole food tastes.  THANK YOU SO MUCH and God bless you.
L.L. – Toccoa, GA


I have been struggling to get my blood sugars and cholesterol numbers under control now, for over 15 years.  There were ups and downs, holidays and celebrations, along with temptations, illnesses and injuries, that kept me from succeeding.  My disease and medications (along with dead grains) kept me feeling sick and tired.

Well, I’m on my way to being through with feeling sick and tired.  I began grinding my own grains, the last of September 2000.  I recently went to my endocrinologist (02-05-01) and have a wonderful report.  My A1c(blood sugar number) and cholesterol numbers are perfect, first time EVER.  We have come to love so many of the recipes, even creating some of my own.  I look forward to finding new recipes to replace any store bought grain products such as crackers, pretzels and even pasta.

I give GOD all the praise, glory and honor, as this couldn’t have been done without the knowledge and understanding (“Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding>” Proverbs 4:7), of how important eating live grains are to a healthy body.

Thank you for your ministry and for remaining faithful to the call.
N.K. – Canton, GA


About 2 weeks ago, I purchased the Whisper Mill from you all.  I had been using a different type of mill and was unable to use it to grind corn or beans.  The flour was coarser than the flour I’m grinding with the Whisper Mill.  My family is eating more fresh bread than ever!

My 4 year old nephew who lives across the pasture field from us asks to stay for lunch when he comes up to play–then asks for a second sandwich.  My family ate cornbread made with fresh ground cornmeal–3 nights in a row, their request.

Our children have not been to the doctor in almost 2 years for sickness (except for one son that had something in his ear).  People comment about how healthy our 4 children look.  And they are even slim, not plump.  I no longer have any hay fever at all, even in the spring.

Our Magic Mill (DLX) gets at least a weekly workout and makes wonderful, soft dough.

We are more than glad to give our business to fellow Christians.  Sue’s seminars have convicted me as a home schooling  mom about the importance of not only feeding my family a wholesome diet but teaching our children to properly care for their bodies through what they feed them.  My example could continue influencing generations to come!  Thanks for teaching folks about how to make a lasting impact on their health.
In His Service,
C.W. East Tennessee


My husband and I bought a Magic Mill DLX (now called the Electrolux Assistent) for our Christmas gift.  WOW what a gift!  We really did not know what to expect.  But it has truly exceed our expectation and what you have said.  Clean up is a snap.  And I use it for everything, making cookies, cakes, and especially bread.  After receiving the DLX, I gladly gave my other nice mixer away to my sister.  I have an appliance garage in my kitchen where I keep all small appliances.  I would never put the DLX in there – I am excited about letting everyone see it on my countertop. What did I do before I had it?  I also just purchased a tortilla maker.  What a fun little gadget to have.  What will they think up next?

Also, my homeschool co-op is starting a Healthy Living group, we haven’t figured out what to call it.  The first meeting is at my house in February, we will be speaking on the benefits of wheat and I guess they will just have to see my new machine????!!!  Thanks!!!!
D.C. – FL

My youngest son has always had bowel problems.  He has had to use either mineral oil (VERY MESSY!) or enemas (Painful!) for the last 4 years.  In fall of 2000 I purchased a Bosch Universal and Whisper Mill. I can’t begin to tell you how amazed I was–within DAYS my son became “regular”, a DIRECT result of my freshly milled, whole grain bread.

I share extra loaves with friends (easy to do with my Bosch) and they rave about how much better it tastes than store bought.  Whenever I’m invited somewhere, its always the same–“Bring your bread”!

What else can I say?!?  It tastes awesome, has improved our health, and I take immense satisfaction in knowing my efforts make a difference.
D.B. – Kettering, OH


My doctor became concerned that I might become diabetic and placed me on the ADA diet. When I checked my blood sugar first thing in the mornings it ran about 65, which is almost to low. Since we started making our own bread it is now a perfect 95 every time. I no longer have sugar lows like I used to and I don’t get hungry between meals either. I feel/hope that I have thwarted diabetes and I intend to make my own bread for the rest of my life, not only for my health but for my family as well. Thank you!
T.N. – Marietta, GA


Several months after we began grinding wheat and making bread with fresh flour, we noticed that hay fever was no longer a problem.  I had been told by my asthma doctor that I needed to go back on allergy shots (after a break during a high risk pregnancy) but now she doesn’t even mention shots anymore!  Praise the Lord, we can truly enjoy spring and fall.
C.W. – Danville, VA


Every since my youngest daughter was about 3 years old (she is 6 now), she has had little bumps, almost like acne but not acne, on her cheeks and her upper arms.  These bothered me, althought they were not too noticeable.  I knew that something in the body wasn’t working right because this isn’t normal.  In my quest for health for all of my family, I had her looked at by an irridologist (someone who reads the iris of the eye to see where you have health challenge – sounds wacky but it is amazing how accurate they are); nutritionists, even a regular medical doctor.  No one could really tell me why this was occurring.  The doctor did tell me is was eczema or dry skin and that if I used mineral oil after bathing on these areas it would go away.  Well, we tried the mineral oil (which she hated) and it helped but it didn’t go away.

Then came our Whisper Mill!  And I began making our bread.  I noticed after about 2 months that these bumps were gone. Completely!  The only change in her diet had been the bread (and I am not hard core – I still use hot dog and hamburger buns from the grocery store).  This was the solution.  Something about the oil remaining in the grain/bran or some such thing (I am not a nutritionist but seem to remember hearing this on the Bread Beckers tape) and it is providing what she needs.

As an aside, my daughter has the same body type as daddy.  She seems to be stockier and put on weight more easily than I do and my other two children.  She tends to be more mucousy, just like dad.  I have noticed (and received many comments from others this summer) that both she and her dad are slimming down.  Nothing dramatic.  I have never attempted to put her on a “diet” to decrease the stockiness and few extra pounds she has always carried.  Again, the only difference here was freshly milled flour for everything I make.  But she has slimmed down and doesn’t carry quite the tummy.  I notice the same with my husband.

I was thrilled to find something that seemed to go to the “root”.  I have always been health conscious.  In fact my children cringe when I come home from the Health food/herb stores.  You can only make them take so much “good for you” stuff.  This was a relatively easy change I could make for the health of my family.  I can see the results.  But I know that there are tons of benefits, health-wise, that I can’t see!

I have “sold” two of the mill machines already to friends just by sharing the tape from Bread Beckers. They are busy providing good nutrition for their families. I feel so good to have been able to help change the health outcomes in their families too!
C.H. – Elkhart, IN


I am happy to offer my testimony – or at least a small part of it, as there is really too much to recall! First, let me say that making real bread has unquestionably contributed to my daughter losing weight, her face clearing, my boys being less hyperactive, the clearing of many digestive problems, etc… Whole grains, and specifically REAL BREAD, have made a great difference in our lives! Second, let me PRAISE the DLX (now called the Electrolux Assistent)! I had an auto accident 7/30/99. When making bread by hand, specifically the kneading, I was suffering an intolerable amount of pain across the back of my shoulders. After purchasing the DLX, I no longer had this problem – and I could, once again, make real bread! The only difference is that it is faster and easier!!!    The fact that the DLX cleans up in the dishwasher only adds to my enjoyment of this great machine! Thanks, Bread Beckers, for all you do! May the Lord richly bless you and your precious families – in the matchless name of Jesus – AMEN!!
L.B. – Woodstock, GA

Jim, that’s plenty I could say about the bread and my health but for me it was a combination of things in addition to the bread. About a year before I met Sue, I changed my eating habits and became a vegan vegetarian. One cannot live on fruits and vegetables alone so I purchased the best bread I could find at health food stores. However, after I went to the seminar and bought the whisper grain mill, I began making my own bread, muffins, etc. My health is excellent, I have not been to a medical doctor in over two years, I have not taken any form of medication even for a headache. I do use herbs and take some supplements like vitamin C. I am especially impressed with the Ezekiel bread. Combining the beans and grains to create the complete protein, I find this bread to be an exceptionally high energy bread. I take samples of my bread to work weekly and encourage others to change their lifestyle but to little avail. It amazes me how many people are sick yet unwilling to change their diet. Some of the people I work with are 20 years my junior (I am 51) and suffering from all sorts of ailments including high blood pressure. It’s pretty apparent to me their diet is a major contributor.

…. We live in a world of ‘instant’ where most people don’t want to put effort into their food preparation. It’s unfortunate because the rewards are well worth the effort. I have found once you change your kitchen over and get it organized keeping fresh made bread takes a minimum amount of time. The Whisper mill is incredibly fast at grinding the grain. I can have the ingredients mixed and in the bread maker in less than 5 minutes. Another 5 for cleanup and it’s just a matter of waiting for the bread maker to do its job. What you guys do is an incredible benefit to society. You have blessed my life greatly. The seminar is an event that changed my life. I do recommend it to everyone I know.


I began milling in November, 1998 when my husband and I attended The Bread Becker’s seminar. We were both so amazed by the information that Sue shared and how good everything tasted, that we BOTH knew we had to do this at home. Within a few weeks, God provided the money for us to purchase our own mill and DLX mixer (now called the Electrolux Assistent). I had been using my mother’s mill and kneading the bread by hand – it is possible, but the DLX makes the job much easier! After I began milling the bread, we both had increased energy, more frequent bowel movements (one after every meal-that’s what is normal when your colon is healthy), and our skin breakouts nearly stopped. I became pregnant in September, 1999 and even during my pregnancy I never had constipation problems because I faithfully ate my bread. I also knew the tremendous health benefits my unborn child would receive from being nourished by this REAL food. When our son was born (4 weeks premature) the doctors were amazed at how healthy and strong he was. He was able to hold his head up very well at birth. We would never consider eating any other type of bread in our home – we make everything including delicious cakes, cookies, muffins, waffles, hamburger buns, loaf bread, french bread, pizza crusts, bagels, baby cereal and tortillas from our freshly milled grains. We also use the flake mill attachment for the DLX to make our own oats – great oatmeal and granola. We no longer have need for white flour or sugar in our house and we are very healthy because of it! Milling your own grain is a minor sacrifice of time for the tremendous health benefits your family will receive in return for your efforts and commitment.
J.H. Woodstock, GA


I just wanted to tell you how much I love my DLX’s.  I run (2) DLX’s full steam 5 days a week and make between 100-150 loaves a day, double and triple that at holiday times.  It amazes me how they have performed now for two years under that amount of usage.  I have a back-up DLX in case of problems, but so far the back-up is still in the box brand new.  Thanks again!!
C.J., Full Cup Coffee House Ministry


This is probably not he kind of testimonial that you are looking for, as it is not related to health and wellness, but I’ll send it anyway. As a home schooling mom, milling and baking have become and endless source of learning. I was able to teach my son fractions (with measuring cups) after being ready to pull my hair out for the lack of it. Yeast is a lesson in both science and Bible. (We learned about Passover.) I showed my 5 year old how to make a braided loaf, and we’ve had one for supper every night since. We talked about how God was able to make 1 1/2 cups of grain, but when we ground it it became 3 cups of flour. When we learn about a foreign country, we get a cookbook from that country from the library, and make the bread native to that country. We’ve attempted grinding our grain by hand, which became a lesson in history. It seems that each day one of the kids comes up with a new idea related to bread that we are able to investigate. Further, milling and grinding have become both boy scout and girl scout projects leading to patches. Like I said earlier, probably not what your looking for, but I thought I’d send it anyway, as I’ve used this to teach everything but grammar and spelling! God Bless
R.A. – Woodstock, GA


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