Co-op Schedule


The co-op orders 3 times a year.  Each co-op is in one of the following ordering groups.  (You can check the Co-op Locations page to find a co-op and the group it is in).

If you are a registered member of an active co-op, the system will send you an email when the order opens (usually on the first day of the ordering month).  Also, many co-op coordinators follow up a few days later with another email.

Delivery is normally about 4 weeks later.  But, the delivery schedule is totally dependent on how many co-ops order, and how much is ordered.  So, the actual delivery dates may be sooner or later.  Co-op coordinators contact their co-op members to let them know the dates the orders can be picked up.


Order: March (1st thru 18th)
Delivery: April

Order: July (1st thru 18th)
Delivery: August

Order: November (1st thru 18th)
Delivery: December


Order: April (1st thru 18th)
Delivery: May

Order: August (1st thru 18th)
Delivery: September

Order: December (1st thru 20th)
Delivery: January


Order: February (1st thru 18th)
Delivery: March

Order: June (1st thru 18th)
Delivery: July

Order: October (1st thru 18th)
Delivery: November