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The following links include friends, reference sites, and some stuff I just think is interesting.  We don’t necessarily agree with everything you’ll find at these sites!  Also, there is no particular order to the listings; but, I did try to group them under relevant headings – Jim


Common Ground Farm
tHis family tree
All-Star Chem-Dry
Organic Spark
The Hungry Wife
Let’s Make Bread
Healthy Habits
Prairie Lily Arts
Kitchen Stewardship
Heavenly Homemakers
Money Saving Mom
Bailey’s Adventures
Walnut Spinney
Up Here
Ashley’s Natural Breads
For the Joy of Food
Great Bread
HomeMaker Homestead
Hearth Keepers
Homemaking 911


Real Bread Outreach – Since 1991 bread, “real bread” made from freshly milled whole grains, has sustained the lives of countless families who have learned of its incredible health benefits. It is the desire of Real Bread Outreach to share this “real bread” with those in need, young or old, and to educate families in healthy living. We seek to walk with those in need on their pathway to wholeness by providing any necessary services. It is our hope that as we meet the physical needs of the hungry and afflicted, the door will be opened to share the “REAL” BREAD of LIFE, Jesus Christ.

Above Rubies – is a magazine to encourage women in their high calling as wives, mothers, and homemakers.  Editor: Nancy Campbell

Promised Land Ministries – Promised Land Ministries came about as a result of an interest and study of Biblical health and nutrition.  I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life.  But, God is in the process of transforming my thinking and habits in this area.  It’s been a slow process for me, but I have much I can share.  As I study and learn more, I’m constantly compelled to write the things I feel God is showing me.  I truly believe we can have better health for ourselves and our families by leaving ‘Egypt’ (the world’s way of doing things), and taking the journey to the ‘Promised Land’!



Chattanooga Southeast Tennessee Home Education Assoc.

Georgia Home Education Association

Home Education Information Resource

North Carolinians for Home Education

Indiana Association of Home Educators

Home Educators Association of Virginia

Greater Roanoke Home Educators

Southeast Homeschool & Educational Expo

Home Schooling Today – a “master list” of home school events presented by Bob Jones University.


The Weather Channel – check the weather before you come see us!

Dr. Sky Astronomy and Aeronautics – an interesting site dealing with astronomy (NOT ASTROLOGY!)

USGS Earthquake List – a US government site that lists earthquakes in “near real-time”.


Drudge Report – as close to non-biased, non-network news there is.  Often “scoops” the major networks.

Shadow Stats – real statistics on our economy, employment, etc


RealSalt – Redmond Minerals’ homepage.  Tells you why mineral salt is better than sea salt.  – a free web site designed to help you track and analyze the important aspects of your diet and fitness.  We found this site to have one of the better nutrition content calculators.

USDA Crop Reports – get the latest crop reports.