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"Love, love, love the online videos. I watched the Bread making 101 video and the Busy Moms video, ordered my supplies and felt I knew exactly what do when everything came. I followed the tips from the videos and in my very first milling and baking session I made a loaf of bread, blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls in no time!"

H.T., NC
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Getting Started

Getting Started
You've listened to Sue's workshop; or heard Sue speak at a seminar, home school curriculum fair workshop, or a Saturday cooking class; or your friend/neighbor/spouse convinced you that milling your own flour and making your own bread is what you need to do for you and your family, AND you want to get started -  THIS IS THE PLACE TO START!


* A Grain Mill (required)
* A Mixer (optional)
* Cookbook
* Wheat (required)
* Other Ingredients (optional)
* HELP! (optional)
* Pricing (estimate to start)

You need a mill to make the fresh flour to reap the benefits of the whole wheat. You need a mill: electric or manual. The electric mill will allow you to mill faster with less effort, and produce finer flour. The manual mills will work when the lights go out; but will take longer, more effort, and produce a coarser flour.

Nutrimill OR Wondermill -   We recommend getting an electric mill, either the WonderMill or the NutriMill . You can pick it up at our store, OR we can ship it anywhere IN THE CONTINENTAL USA.
Don't want an electric mill? We carry two different manual mills:

The Country Living Grain Mill   The Country Living will grind the finest of the hand mills; but not as fine as the Whisper Mill. It also costs more. Takes about 15 minutes to grind 7-8 cups of flour (enough for our three-loaf recipe).

Wonder Junior Hand Mill Deluxe

If you need recipes specifically for fresh, whole wheat flour, get our "Bread Becker's Recipe Collection". Everything in it is tried and true.

Want to know more about the healthful benefits of grains? Get "Grains of Truth" by Donna Spann.  Donna explains 13 different grains, and includes a few recipes on how to use them.

The ingredients for bread can be mixed in a large bowl, AND the dough can be kneaded by hand. BUT, few people will take the time to make a lot of bread, by hand, every week! Get a mixer if you want home made bread part of your lifestyle.

It must be a heavy-duty mixer; whole wheat flour is very thick (it has all the fiber in it that they take out of the store-bought bread!). Newer American made mixers will not hold up (according to our customers who have tried them). The older (30+ years) Kitchen Aid will work if you can find one. But, why not get a mixer designed for the job? The mixer can be used for your general mixing needs as well as making bread dough.

The Ankarsrum Original- This is the closest thing to a commercial mixer you can buy. It's made in Sweden. It can mix and knead up to 9 loaves worth of dough at a time. The Anakarsrum uses a roller and scraper assembly to mix and knead the dough in a manner that is closer to hand kneading.

The Zojirushi Bread Maker can not only make a loaf of bread from start to finish, but can also be used to mix and knead dough that you then bake in the oven (think rolls, pizza dough, etc)

To make a yeast bread, you will need hard red or hard white wheat. For pastries, pancakes, biscuits, or any baking powder/baking soda recipe, you can use a soft white wheat (the hard wheat can be used for these recipes, but the soft wheat will be lighter).

If you can, get a bucket of hard red wheat AND a bucket of hard white wheat. Experiment, see which type your family likes best. OR, get a bucket of one type and ask for a few pounds of the other. The red has the "nutty" flavor we all associate with whole wheat. The white wheat is milder than the red, and is more suitable for breads with toppings or fillings, or where you don't want to taste as much of the bread (our Ruben Bread and Turkey-Sausage Bread are stuffed; pizza and coffee cake have toppings; French bread and cakes taste better with white wheat).

Click here to read Sue's article, "A Few Words About Wheat", which is also in our "Recipe Collection".

Besides wheat, you will need:
* baking supplies: yeast, salt, (optional ingredients for some recipes are gluten, lecithin, or dough enhancer)
* honey: instead of white sugar, we use raw, unpasteurized honey such as wildflower, orange blossom, clover, or sage.
* oil (depending on the recipe you may also need milk and eggs)
* bakeware: bread pans, etc.

You may buy all of these locally.  BUT, if you want a good price on larger quantities, we have: yeast, salt ("Real-Salt" brand), honey (12 lb jug).

We help all our customers get started, no matter what the question. Reach us by phone, e-mail or fax .

We're on Youtube, you can search for our Getting Started Classes

Help Desk:
Phone: 770-516-5000
FAX: 770-516-7588

Not a customer yet? Ask anyway, we'll try to help or point you in the right direction (we can't help with brands of equipment we don't sell, though).

Shipping via UPS is handled by our shopping cart - it's all based on weight and distance.  If you come to the store, you just pay the sales tax.  If you have more than 300 lbs, we will double check the freight to see if it might be cheaper to put on a commercial truck line.

Use the list below to get the pricing for your Getting Started package.  Choose only 1 type of mill and 1 mixer.  Grains by the 6 gallon bucket are the cheapest per lb, but we also offer grain in 1 gallon pails and 2 lb baggies.
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