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"I just want to say that I LOVE the videos
available online. I have been milling our grain and baking for the past 9 yrs. but when I watched the Bread Making 101 video, I learned a few things and discovered some suggestions that would improve my baking."

C.C., GA
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Adagio Black Cherry Loose Tea 2 oz.
Adagio Black Cherry Loose Tea 2 oz.

Adagio Black Cherry Loose Tea 2 oz.

SKU: 09599
Weight: 0 lbs 4 ozs
Black Cherry tea is flavored using soft rose notes, and a more defined fruitiness. We lightened up the Sri Lankan black tea base with the playful tanginess of rose hips, and the deep cherry sweetness is kept in balance with a touch of juicy, grounding blackberry. Still decadent but decidedly less syrupy, we invite you to try it anew. Iced, it is refreshing and delightful. Served hot, with a splash of cream, it is decadent and dreamy.
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Adagio Black Cherry Loose Tea 2oz. bag