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"Hear the "Life with Hope and Friend Sue Becker" podcast of 7/12/13, presented by Hope Egan, where Sue refutes much of the mis-information about wheat!


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Adagio Mocha Nut Mate Bulk Tea (16oz/bag)
Adagio Mocha Nut Mate Bulk Tea (16oz/bag)

Adagio Mocha Nut Mate Bulk Tea (16oz/bag)

SKU: 09152
Weight: 1 lbs
The mellow chicory-like character of our Brazilian toasted mate is a perfect platform for a favorite indulgence: chocolate! Add a bit of hazelnut and you have the perfect treat. Great straight up or enhanced with cream and sugar. If you're a fan of chocolate mate teas, we invite you to give this formula a try. Please note that all Mate varieties contain caffeine; we would not suggest it as a nightcap. Our yerba mate is hot air-dried and never smoked.
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Adagio Mocha Nut Mate Bulk Tea 16oz. bag