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"Last Saturday my husband and I went to your store to purchase a wondermill and get started with milling our own flour. I have baked my own bread for years with King Arthur Whole Wheat flour and thought I was doing something great for my family. Then, a friend introduced me to this idea. After a week of eating freshly milled sandwich bread, rolls, and french bread, I could never go back to eating any other bread! What a fantastic taste! And, I could see a difference with my kids in just 24 hours. To put it delicately, my 8-year-old and 2-year-old 'struggle' in the bathroom. No longer! Each day - easy. That alone was worth the money and time!! Also, I lost weight this week. How is that possible when I ate more bread in a single week than I ever have?"

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Affiliate Program


Do you have a blog or web site? Do you already make your own bread, use some of the products we sell, or have interests similar to ours? Then maybe our affiliate program is for you.

When you register, we check to see if your web site is a good fit with our business. If it is, we contact you by email to let you know you can log in and create the basic html code (that has your affiliate identifier), that you then put on you site. You can create a general link to our site, or create links for specific products. You must have a website/blog set up first, so that the code will work. And, you must know how to insert the code to your site or have someone (a webmaster) that can - we do not do that for you!

Once people start clicking through to us from your site, if they make a purchase our site records that under your account. We will calculate a 5% commission to you, based on the total transaction amount, on the first 3 transactions of a new customer (during their first 30 days after clicking through from your site). Our plan rewards affiliates for the NEW customers they drive to us and that make a purchase. Our plan does not reward for existing customers coming to us through the affiliate, nor does it compensate for repeat sales through the affiliate. Our plan is NOT for folks who want to just get a discount for their own purchases, or for group purchases. (We do have a co-op program that offers discounts for groups that order quarterly).

Sales reports are reviewed monthly, and checks are mailed for qualified sales.

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