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My mother and I attended your bread class this past summer. I am really enjoying milling my own grains and learning and experimenting all the time! But my greatest joy has been hearing what freshly ground wheat is doing for my family.

My mother recently bought a mill after trying mine. She's been doing this about 3 weeks, making pancakes, cakes, and bread. My father has been struggling with severe depression for about 4 years now and doesn't even leave the house or do anything around the house. Shortly after my mom started serving him the milled wheat, his mood and energy improved incredibly! He is actually doing dishes, laundry, and cooking for my mom!!! If you knew my dad, you'd know this is a miracle!

I'm so grateful that God gives us wisdom for health through His foods and for your ministry! I wanted to share this amazing testimony of how God is working in their lives!

Thank you so much!!! We will see you again next summer! God Bless You and Your Family and Merry Christmas!

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Aluminum Bucket Opener

Aluminum Bucket Opener

SKU: 00344
Weight: 1 lbs
Brand: BBI
If you do not have a Gamma Seal lid on your bucket, you need this!
You can earn 7 Bread Bucks on this product!
Price: $7.00
Product Details
Aluminum Bucket Opener

Our cast aluminum bucket opener will outlast those plastic openers by years!  It's heavy duty, with no sharp edges to break off like the plastic ones do.   Get  a Gamma Seal lid for your "working" bucket, and a bucket opener for all the refills, or the ones you don't get into very often.

Our aluminum bucket opener opens and re-seals 3-7 gallon plastic buckets. There is no need to cut the slots on the rim.  Just put the "lower" hook under the edge of the lid and pull up on the handle. Continue this action around the rim and pull the lid off.

You can re-seal the lid by just pressing it down around the edges, because the lid is totally intact and undamaged!. Great for bakeries, cooks, "preppers", homeowners, deli’s, dry wall, printers, supermarkets, painters, contractors and more!  Anyone who needs to get in and out of a bucket is sure to love this tool!


"Can't Live Without It!"

on 3/11/2012 4:44:41 PM

Remarks: I used this immediately upon receiving it. I about had a nervous breakdown trying to open buckets without it. It is ssssooooo easy now. All you do is lift the side a little and cut the sides with a carpet knife, and the lid comes off EASILY. Believe me, I tried everything...screwdrivers, hammers, this really works and is heavy duty well made.


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"A "Must Have" Item"

on 12/14/2009 8:28:36 AM

Remarks: If you regularly order 6-gallon buckets of grain, then you truly NEED this item. It is a sturdy aluminum opener and will easily pry the lids open. I used to wrestle with screwdrivers, coping saws - anything - to get those pesky lids off. Now I just go around the lid with this opener and before I make it all the way around, the lid is off! It's so well-built that I'm sure it will last a lifetime. I no longer dread prying the lids off - in fact, I will happily snap the lids back on the buckets bec... More details


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