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"I was SO happy to find video classes on line. I live too far away to come to the store. I haven't been baking as much bread as I would like even though I have the wheat/beans, etc/mill/bread maker because I have been unsuccessful in my efforts at making bread that tastes good and is at the right consistency. My family ate my bread but didn't really enjoy it. I watched the entire Bread 101 class and immediately dusted off my appliances and made a terrific loaf of bread following the hints and instructions on the video. I am more confident I will be making our bread instead of giving in to temptation and buying fresh baked store bread for my family. It's great to have this on-line option to learn. Your generosity in providing this information is greatly appreciated."

S.A.S., OH
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Euro Cuisine Yogurt Starter 10-5g Packets
Euro Cuisine Yogurt Starter 10-5g Packets

Euro Cuisine Yogurt Starter 10-5g Packets

SKU: 00835
Weight: 2 lbs
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Price: $19.95
Product Details
Euro Cuisine Yogurt Starter 10-5g Packets

All Natural Yogurt Starters for Making Yogurt. Each box contains 10 - 5-gram pouches. Ingredients: Skim Milk Powder, Sucrose, Bacterial Culture (L. Bulcaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus)

  • Contains 10 5-gram Pouches (5 double packs
  • Each pouch makes 126 Fluid Ounces (3.7 L)
  • Net weight 50g (1.76 oz.)
  • For use with any automatic yogurt maker
  • Ideal guide to create healthful yogurt at home
  • Helps to make a smooth, creamy, and great-tasting yogurt
  • Each packet contains ten 5-gram pouches

Product of Canada