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"BTW, kuddos on the web streaming. They are coming out great! I'm telling everyone about them. I've had my mill for just over 1 year and recently purchased my kitchen assistant. It was a great help to actually see how to use my mixer and what the dough should look like, and even to visually see the order of ingredients and why. I was not able to spend as much time at your booth at HEAV like I wanted to. I have had all kinds of burning questions in my mind. As I download the classes, the questions are getting answered. It's been truly like having Julia in my kitchen only better."

K.W., VA
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Family Meat Grinder Attachment w/FREE Shipping
Family Meat Grinder Attachment w/FREE Shipping

Family Meat Grinder Attachment w/FREE Shipping

SKU: 01520
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Price: $89.50
Product Details
Family Meat Grinder Attachment w/FREE Shipping

Quality: Made In German by Messerschmidt. Built with premium Lexan and hardened steel. Comes with one 4.5 mm plate.

Easy to set up and fast cleanup: Easily snaps on and off the motor base or hand base.

Fast & easy to use: You will be amazed at how easily and quickly the meat feeds into the grinder on the motorized unit. Just drop the meat in the hopper and the auger pulls it right into the knife. Easy to turn hand base for fresh ground beef. Comes with a stumper. The meat grinder will ground round steak or any other choice cuts of beef, chicken or pork you desire.

Listed below are the OPTIONAL Plate sizes and their uses: To use the plates, unscrew the lock ring of the meat grinder, remove the plate that is in the meat grinder. Replace with the plate of choice. Screw on the lock ring.

  • 2mm plate - smallest holes. Excellent for cheese spreads, baby foods, fine spaghetti
  • 3mm Plate - Peanut butter, cheese spreads, baby food, thin spaghetti
  • 4.5mm Plate - Ground Meat
  • 6mm Plate - Sausage Meat