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Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker 8.0L/8.5Q
Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker 8.0L/8.5Q

Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker 8.0L/8.5Q

SKU: 01004
Weight: 13 lbs
Brand: Fissler
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Product Details
Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker 8.0L/8.5Q 26cm/10.2in

Make a weeknight coq au vin for the family in this 8.5-qt. pressure cooker. With the Vitaquick® stovetop pressure cooker, you can cut cooking time by up to 70%, while preserving nutrients. Easy to use, two pressure settings, numerous safety features.

Vitaquick® Pressure Cooker Features:

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Rivet-free construction ensures tremendous strength and easy cleaning
  • 2 pressure settings for delicate foods such as fish and vegetables and speed for dishes such as stews and meats
  • Superthermic base ensures even heat distribution and is suitable for all stovetops including induction
  • Lid positioning aid makes it easier to put the lid on and lock it
  • Lid locking indicator with audio and visual indicators
  • Clearly visible pressure indicator
  • Laser-etched measurement markers
  • Depressurizing function on handle make it simple to reduce pressure safely
  • Detachable handle and control valve for easy cleaning. Lid and body of the pot are dishwasher safe.
  • Sustainably crafted from up to 90% recycled 18/10 stainless steel with polished finish
  • Meets UL safety and testing standards
  • German quality and craftsmanship

Whether you are new to pressure cooking or a seasoned pro, Fissler’s best-selling Vitaquick® Pressure Cookers open a world of culinary possibilities. Prepare one-pot meals, pre-serves, stews, baby food, and so much more. Pressure cooking is a time-tested method that reduces cooking time by up to 70%, preserving the texture, color, vitamins, and nutrients of ingredients. Numerous features and innovations make the Vitaquick® safe and easy to use, including the locking indicator ensures proper closure, and the pressure indicator is clearly visible. Once securely sealed, the pot can’t be opened unless excess pressure is released. Main body has a polished finished and constructed of 18/10 stainless steel that is durable and easy to clean.

Removable handle

To make cleaning the lid even easier, the handle can be removed.


Positioning aid

The practical positioning aid makes it ultra-easy to position and close the lid.


Locking Indicator

When the locking indicator pops to green and you hear a clearly audible click, the pressure cooker is safely closed and ready for the stove.


Cooking display



Encapsulated superthermic base

The super-thermic base ensures there’s optimal heat absorption, distribution and retention, whichever stove you are using


Weight 8.90 lbs
Size 18 x 12 x 8 inch
Package size 14.4 Inch x 9.3 Inch x 18.3 Inch
Capacity 8.5 qt
Materials Premium Steel
Editions Vitaquick®     
Diameter 10.2 inch
Product kind Pressure Cooker
Measuring scale Yes
Body height 6.9 Inch
Capacity scale 5.3 l
Surface outside Polished