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"I've watched the Bread Making 101 class online and even though I have made our bread for several years using my Nutrimill and DLX mixer I learned a lot! It was very helpful to see (on the video) Ashley mix the dough and now I understand a little more just what to do. Your business has been a tremendous ministry to myself and my family. Thanks for all you do!"

M.D., LA
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The Gamma Seal lid transforms your pail/bucket into an airtight and leak proof storage container. Unlike the "pry-off" lids that come with most buckets, the Gamma Seal Lid is the only easily re-sealing lid that can fit most 12" diameter buckets (fits most 3.5 to 7 gallon buckets).

Simply snap the adapter "B" on to your bucket "C". Then, spin the lid "A" on and off! It's so easy, we let the kids install them for customers at our store.

No more broken fingernails!

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