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"You guys are great! Each person I've talked to has been very helpful! I really appreciate it - being a new student at this way of cooking! Also, I have learned so much by watching your cooking videos! Thank you for your service in helping people get more healthy!"

J.D., TX
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Kyocera Advanced Ceramics

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics
Preferred by professional chefs and home cooks worldwide

You experience the difference as soon as you pick up a Kyocera Advanced Ceramics knife. The feel - incredibly light yet perfectly balanced in you palm. The blade - beautifully ground with razor sharp precision. But it's when you actually try the knife that the ceramic advantage becomes real - an experience like no other.

Imagine slices so thin, you can actually see through them. A knife that stays sharper, longer. Kyocera advanced ceramic blades offer superior edge retention, holding their edge at least 10 times longer than other professional cutlery, including high carbon steel.

The perfect complement to your cutlery

For slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats, a Kyocera advanced ceramic knife has no equal. Ceramic's superior edge retention, chemical purity and light weight make it ideal for straight slicing.

Even so, ceramic knives are intended to complement -not replace - your other cutlery. Use steel knives for carving, prying, boning, cutting frozen foods, and slicing cheese.

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