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Lifestyle Choices ...Up to You! by Ginger Woods O'Shea

Lifestyle Choices ...Up to You! by Ginger Woods O'Shea

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Lifestyle Choices ...Up to You! by Ginger Woods O'Shea

Lifestyle Choices ... Up to YOU! captures both the grand prize in Xulon’s Christian Choice Book Awards and first place in their health category. This award-winning book offers the reader basic information about many of the health challenges of today and opens the door to many factors rarely spoken of in mainstream media. These challenges emerge in large measure from the changes in our food supply and the environment; the deification of conventional medicine; and the spiritual warfare that underlies it all.

The focus of Lifestyle Choices is on the choices we make day by day, those that become a lifestyle. It explores underlying motivations and encourages the reader to consider making a paradigm shift to a Biblical perspective of the body and its care.

Lifestyle Choices ... Up to YOU! defines the many dangerous but disguised ingredients in our foods, the insidious toxins in the air, the damaging thought patterns that so determine our emotions, and the conflicting goals of profit and health that permeate our healthcare system. Time-tested and laboratory researched information is supplied to assist the reader in moving out of the food-product-disease maze and the stress-filled traps in which many of us live toward a healthier and more hopeful life. A fact-filled chapter on vaccinations will dispel many of its myths and equip one to make more informed choices.

The reader will gain understanding of
  • techniques used in marketing that produce mass-mindedness and interfere with making objective health-giving choices;
  • the basic differences between the Conventional Medical Model and the Natural Health Model of health and healing;
  • conflicting agendas of some corporations and governmental agencies that can compromise your health;
  • common assumptions that undermine our perceptions; and
  • the ubiquitous ploys of deception that permeate all aspects of our lives.

Lifestyle Choices is intended to promote thoughtful inquiry. It is presented in an interactive format, challenging Christians to view issues and daily choices against the backdrop of biblical truths and enabling the reader to see more clearly through the murky maze of diet-health-disease messages.

It is ideal for small-group study. Enjoy its user-friendly, workbook-style format with helpful summaries, stimulating discussion topics, related Scriptures, and ample space for recording new decisions and progress.

Books abound with endless information, however, Lifestyle Choices ... Up to YOU! sets its ideas, data, and research in the context of Biblical truths. By so doing, a Christian rationale is presented that unifies and gives spiritual significance to the most mundane of choices.

About Ginger O'Shea

Since the early 1990s, Ginger has been researching the various food and other man-made products that impact our mental and physical health. Along that journey she has made changes in her own lifestyle and sought to learn more natural ways of health and healing. This has included studies in Dr. J. R. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing, BotanoLogos School for Herbal Studies, and Clayton College of Natural Health, plus continuous research in this important topic. All of this has confirmed the truths found in the Scriptures, that our amazingly created bodies were designed by God to function with health and joy by the two basic types of food he has given us, nourishing provisions from his creations and the life-giving food of his Word.

The writing of Lifestyle Choices ... Up to YOU! was birthed from a saddened heart that Christians are becoming painfully ill and even dying because of their lack of knowledge concerning our foods, the environment, and the application of many overlooked spiritual truths.

Her intent is to bring the teachings of Scripture to bear on the concerns of today; her passion is to assist Christians in caring for their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit. Ginger’s education includes an MA in Pastoral Counseling, an MSW in Clinical Social Work, and an NH in Nutritional Herbalism. Her professional experiences, including establishing and directing a homecare service in Atlanta for the elderly, have confirmed her belief that we are not sufficient of ourselves to deal with the exigencies of life but need both the physical and spiritual provisions of God for our health and wellbeing. Ginger is currently retired and living in the mountains of northeast Georgia.