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"I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you. I so appreciate being able to watch the videos of the classes
online. I have wanted to come to your classes ever since I found out about them, but living in central Florida makes that difficult. ( I did see you years ago at the FPEA Homeschool Convention in Orlando and that's when I started milling.) You offer a wealth of information that really needs to be shared. Thanks for not charging for the online classes. It blesses my heart that you are willing to share your knowledge. I feel like I lack so much knowledge and am saddened that I did not receive the knowledge from my own mother. You are being a great mother to many people. Thanks again."

M.G., FL
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Oliver Farm Pumpkin Seed Oil 8 Oz.
Oliver Farm Pumpkin Seed Oil 8 Oz.

Oliver Farm Pumpkin Seed Oil 8 Oz.

SKU: 00958
Weight: 1 lbs
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Price: $17.00
Product Details

Smoke Point- 320

Oliver Farm Pumpkin Seed Oil is delicious and nutritious. Our unique method of cold pressing helps retain the original rich flavor and keeps its beautiful dark color while providing omega -6s and -9s.   It is packed with vitamins and nutrients and has a long history of health benefits including improvements in prostate health, skin irritations, and hair loss.   Very high concentrations of zinc make this oil a powerful medicine.  The flavor of this oil is equally amazing.  While not suitable for high temperature cooking it has many varied uses.   Of course, salad dressings are the most common use for pumpkin seed oil.  Choosing a vinegar is a matter of taste, though apple cider vinegar is traditionally used, we prefer a sweeter, white or strawberry balsamic.  Refine with salt, pepper, seasonings or herbs, it’s a delicious dressing for every salad.  Pumpkin seed oil is great with seasonal fruits and delicious served over vanilla ice cream as well.

Nutrition Facts (per 1 Tbsp)

Total Fat (grams) 14

Calories 126

Saturated Fat (grams) 2.57

Monounsaturated Fat (grams) 5.22

Polyunsaturated Fat (grams) 6.18

O/L ratio .84

Vitamin E .29

Total Tocopherols**(milligrams) 11.29

Total Phytosterols**(milligrams) 23.49

Beta-sitosterol (milligrams) 9.62