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"Thank you for all that you do and for the wonderful recipes that you have given us. Our family just started eating this way and I already see a difference in my sugar levels (I am diabetic). Looking forward to watching the rest of the Healthy Eating Videos and changing the way our family eats."

K.H., VA
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Oliver Farm Sunflower Oil 8 Oz.
Oliver Farm Sunflower Oil 8 Oz.

Oliver Farm Sunflower Oil 8 Oz.

SKU: 00950
Weight: 1 lbs
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This is the oil that got it all started in 2012.  Clay grew sunflowers with the intention of harvesting and pressing them for oil that fall.  Blessed with a good crop that year he purchased a press and made oil from sunflowers grown here on the farm.  Once we tasted it we knew we had something special.  There was no doubt it tasted like sunflower seeds. 

Oliver Farm Sunflower Oil has a bold rich flavor and is a bright yellow color.  It is a great oil to use for light sautéing and its bold flavor is great on salads.   It is the families favorite to use for frying fish. Garden and Gun chose our Sunflower Oil as its Made In the South Food Category Winner in 2015 and it won a Good Food Award in 2017.   A surprising fact to many people is how healthy our cold pressed, unrefined sunflower oil is.  We purposely grow high oleic sunflowers for its healthy fats.

Nutrition Facts (per 1 Tbsp)

Total Fat (grams) 14

Calories (calculated) 126

Saturated Fat (grams) 1.14

Monounsaturated Fat (grams) 12.57

Polyunsaturated Fat (grams) 0.27

O/L Ratio 47.45

Vitamin E as alpha-Tocopherol (IU) 8.26

Total Tocopherols(milligrams) 8.57

Total Phytosterols(milligrams) 45.14

Beta-sitosterol (milligrams) 35.25