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"I just want to say that I LOVE the videos
available online. I have been milling our grain and baking for the past 9 yrs. but when I watched the Bread Making 101 video, I learned a few things and discovered some suggestions that would improve my baking."

C.C., GA
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Spelt (Wheat) ORGANIC 50lbs. BAG
Spelt (Wheat) ORGANIC 50lbs. BAG

Spelt (Wheat) ORGANIC 50lbs. BAG

SKU: 07080
Weight: 53 lbs
Container: Bag
Type: Organic
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Price: $104.55
Product Details
Spelt (Wheat) ORGANIC 50lbs. BAG

Certified organic by MTDA (Montana Dept of Agriculture)

Spelt is an ancient form of wheat. 

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NOTE: This grain product is packaged in a heavy duty paper bag, which is very economical if you know how to package it yourself. Buy this item only if you have a way to package and store appropriately, and soon after your purchase. Bags are NOT suitable for long term storage since they are easily penetrated by bugs, pests, moisture, etc. Therefore, we can only guarantee this product to be free of pests when it leaves our premises!