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"Thanks to all of you, and especially Ashley, for the wonderful videos you have posted on so many topics -- but especially the Assistent. We recently received one, and I felt so much better prepared to use it after watching and rewatching the videos, and taking notes.

I see your video referred to many, many times within the bread making communities found on The Fresh Loaf and the Yahoo Mixer-Owners group. There really is nothing else out there like it: a practical, hands-on, extremely helpful tutorial. You may chuckle, but my four-year-old BOY loves to watch it (and the other videos) along with me, and he's picking up a lot! You have truly gone a long way toward picking up the slack left by the rather spare Assistent manual.

I wish we had known about The Bread Beckers before our initial mixer purchase, but we didn't. We only happened upon your site later, but are so glad we did.

Thank you for this terrific gift to home bread bakers!"

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What The Bible Says About Healthy Living

What The Bible Says About Healthy Living

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What Bible Says About Healthy Living (PAPER BACK) - Rex Russell

Discover God's Plan for Feeling Better and Living Longer.  At last, the definitive diet plan - taken straight from God's Word. Three biblical principles that will change your diet and improve your health.


"wonderful resource!!!!"

on 2/6/2011 7:20:48 PM

Remarks: This book is one of the best that I own. He has an exhaustive list of clean foods according to the bible. I reference this often to know whether or not what my family is eating is clean. I wish I had a copy for everyone that I know! I trust his Christian influenced medical advice.


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"What the Bible Says About Healthy Living"

on 6/10/2010 12:44:32 PM

Remarks: This is the only book you need to figure out what foods you should be eating. Just apply the three simple principles to any food to figure out if it is something you should be putting in to your body. I have a shelf full of books on the Bible and eating, don't waste your time, read this one. Most of the others cite Dr. Russells book in theirs anyway. Nancy O.


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