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iSi Easy Whip Cream Whipper Plus 1 Pint SS/White

iSi Easy Whip Cream Whipper Plus 1 Pint SS/White

SKU: 09903
Weight: 2 lbs
Brand: iSi
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Price: $50.99
Product Details
iSi Easy Whip Cream Whipper 1 Pint SS/White

The Easy Whip is just that - fast and easy.  Just pour the cream in (will hold 1 pint); add your favorite sweetener (I like about 2 TBL agave nectar for this); add your favorite flavoring.  Give the whipper just a few shakes, attach the nitrogen cartridge and give it another good shake and you are ready with great tasting whipped cream! 

Kids will love this because it dispenses just like the fake stuff (sorry!) from the store!  It takes one cartridge for each use, but once whipped the cream stays good for about 2 weeks in the refrigerator.