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Ezekiel Mix Spreadsheet

Bread Beckers Item #DescriptionQty based on 1 bucket of beans
08050Hard Red Wheat14.0 Buckets
07090Spelt8.0 Buckets
02720Kidney Beans1.1
03030Pinto Beans1.0
02590Great Northern Beans1.0
05871Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L79ea – 3L Tins
09618Bakers Grade Honey 1Gal42 gals
00041Yeast 1LB package30 packages
06993Redmond Salt – 10LB pail2 pails

This will make 504 recipes of Ezekiel Bread based on the recipe in the Bread Beckers Recipe collection. One recipe calls for a fasting of one 8 oz piece of bread/day – therefore is calculated to feed 1 person for 8 days on that portion.

This is enough ingredients to make Ezekiel Bread for 14 people for 1 year based on eating an 8 oz portion/person/day

These number represent using a bucket of the smallest ingredient – the beans – as the base and calculating how much other ingredients will be needed/bucket of beans to make into Ezekiel Bread only.

Since you will probably not make it all into Ezekiel Bread you could cut the honey and oil and some of the grain amounts in half to bring the price down.

This spread sheet was developed to give someone a basic idea of how much grains and beans and other ingredients to purchase for the Ezekiel Bread based off a 6 gal bucket of the smallest quantity ingredient (the beans).

As you can see this is a lot of food and could easily feed a large household for a year.
Quantities could of course be reduced for 1-2 months of storage.

We like this variety of grains and beans for storage as it gives such a good cross section and versatility of food that can be prepared besides just the Ezekiel Bread. Add some stores of brown rice, corn, oats and perhaps black eye peas and you have a fairly complete storage of good food.