Ankarsrum 101

Tuesday February 11, 2020

10:00AM – 1:00 pm
Taught by Ashley McCord
Cost: $20
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Limit 35 people

Join Ashley McCord, Product Manager for Ankarsrum USA, as she introduces you to this one of a kind Swedish Kitchen Assistant. The Ankarsrum mixer has been on the market since 1940 and is built to last you a lifetime. Ashley will be sharing some of her favorite recipes using the Ankarsrum Kitchen Assistant, as well as the history of Ankarsrum, and the features that set this mixer apart from every other kitchen mixer on the market.


    • Fresh bread with homemade garlic honey butter
    • Cookies
    • Hot cereal
    • Pasta with sauce
    • Smoothie and more

In this class you will learn the basic uses for the Stainless Steel mixing bowl, the Plastic Whipping bowl, when to use which bowl and which beaters should be used for certain recipes. Ashley will also demonstrate many of the optional attachments including the Flake Mill, Grain & Spice Mill, Pasta Attachments, Blender and others.

Space is limited for this class so be sure to register soon.