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Grain of the Week – Ezekiel Mix (Sept 12 – 18, 2016)

Ezekiel Mix – Perfect for Food Storage

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Ezekiel Mix is a nutritious combination of grains and legumes, mentioned in the Bible in Ezekiel 4:9. God tells the prophet Ezekiel, to “take wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet, spelt, and put them into one vessel and make them into a bread for yourself.” He then instructs Ezekiel to eat the equivalent of an 8 ounce cake every day for nearly 400 days.

Ezekiel’s bread is unique in that it was to be made not from any one of these grains singly as was common in the day, but from flour made from the mixture of these grains and beans. This combination gives the bread a full spectrum of amino acids. Grains are typically slightly deficient in the amino acid lysine, which beans supply, while beans are low in methionine that grains supply. The proportions of grains and beans are not listed in the Ezekiel account, so over the centuries various combinations of these nutritious ingredients have been created. My Ezekiel Mixture of grains and beans is just one of many you may find. My Ezekiel Bread Recipe (see below) is a cakelike batter bread leavened with yeast with a deliciously sweet flavor. The Ezekiel Mixture may also be ground into flour as needed and substituted for the flour in almost any bread, muffin, pancake, cookie, or our favorite, brownies.

Ezekiel Mixture is perfect for food storage. Having the individual buckets of grains, beans and lentils on hand gives a variety of cooking options. The grains may be used individually or mixed together to make you own Ezekiel Mixture. The addition of a bucket of brown rice, oats, and corn will round out your food storage and give endless options for food preparation.

Prior to Y2K, when many were concerned about loss of power, I was often asked how to use the Ezekiel Mixture if it became impossible to bake bread. Knowing that all grains, as well as beans, can be boiled and eaten, I experimented with the Ezekiel Mixture by boiling it whole with added broth and vegetables to come up with an easy, delicious, and very hearty stew. It is very filling and will definitely stick to your ribs and perhaps feed a small army if necessary! If food supplies are a concern, the Ezekiel Mixture can certainly meet your nutritional needs as from the Biblical record, Ezekiel lived more than a year on just an 8 ounce serving per day.

Ezekiel Bread

Combine the following whole grains:

2 1/2 cups hard red wheat
1 1/2 cups spelt or rye (Biblically spelt was used, Ezekiel 4:9)
1/2 cup barley (hulled barley)
1/4 cup millet
1/4 cup lentils (green preferred)
2 Tbs. great northern beans
2 Tbs. red kidney beans
2 Tbs. pinto beans

Stir the above ingredients very well.  Grind in flour mill.

Measure into large bowl or (Ankarsrum Assistent):
4 cups lukewarm water
1 cup honey
1/2 cup oil

Add to liquids:
Freshly milled flour from the above mixture of grains
2 tsp. salt
2 Tbs. yeast

Stir or knead until well kneaded about 10 minutes.  This is batter type bread and will not form a smooth ball.

Pour dough into greased pans.  You may use 2 large loaf pans (10x5x3) or 3 med. loaf pans or 2-9×13 brownie pans.  Let rise in a warm place for one hour or until the dough is almost to the top of the pan.  If it rises too much it will over flow the pan while baking.  Bake at 350o for 45-50 minutes for loaf pans and 35-40 minutes for brownie pans.

*For fasting divide bread into 8 equal parts weighing 1/2 pound each.  Eat a 1/2 pound cake and drink a quart of water every day.  For fasting I do not alter the recipe.

This is a very sweet, moist, cake-like bread.  For a more traditional bread texture I have used this combination of grains in THE BECKERS BREAD AND ROLL RECIPE.  Replacing the 7 cups of flour with the 9 cups of flour from the milled grains in this recipe.  You may also add fruits and nuts or use the flour made from this mixture in other favorite recipes.  This healthy combination of grains and beans is worth experimenting with.  Combining grains and beans makes a complete protein.


Ezekiel Stew

The following recipe was an experiment. With so many people asking how to bake bread in case of a power outage, my mind began to wonder: If the manna could be ground and made into a cake or boiled and eaten, why couldn’t the makings of our Ezekiel Bread? The experiment was a delightful surprise. This is the only soup/stew type dish I make that everyone in my family likes. The variations are limitless, so be creative. I originally used dried potatoes and onions to make this a truly “food storage” dish. ONE recipe fed our family of nine for several meals.

1 recipe of the grains and beans for Ezekiel Bread whole, unground (see Ezekiel Bread Recipe):
5 quarts water
2-3 potatoes
1 large onion
1 Tbs. salt
2-4 Tbs. bouillon (chicken or beef)
pepper to taste
3-4 cloves garlic
2-3 Tbs. cumin

Bring to a boil. Simmer over low heat 8-10 hours.  You may use a pressure cooker and cook for only 3-4 hours.  Be creative and use any and all seasonings and vegetables your family enjoys, such as carrots, tomatoes, chili powder, basil etc.