16 Bean Soup


4 cups 16- Bean soup mix                     3-4 cloves minced garlic
5 quarts water                                        2-3 Tbs. cumin
2 onions                                                   1/8 tsp. cayenne
3-4 diced potatoes                                  1 Tbs. salt
1 lb. baby carrots or diced carrots       1-2 tsp. Italian seasoning
– 1 lb. ground beef                               1 tsp. pepper
3-4 Tbs. bouillon (I use chicken)

Brown ground beef and onions in large soup pot. Add remaining ingredients and bring to boil. Reduce heat to simmer and cook about 8-10 hours.

All seasonings are really to your taste. Add your favorites and omit the ones you don’t care for. Be creative, you can hardly mess up beans!